I began my journey at 18 years old as a paralegal at law firms that provided financial reorganization assistance, tax resolution, and business compliance assistance. This gave me a great understanding of how to properly run a business, and avoid costly audits and reinforcements. Prior to Tax Gear, I have been focusing on purchasing distressed businesses, and revamping them by bringing them up to compliance with taxing agencies, OSHA and labor law requirements, and by implementing proper marketing strategies. After almost a decade of collecting knowledge and experience, My team and I have been continuously improving business strategies for our customers, and ensuring that they stay ahead of their competitors. 

I decided to apply our skills as I brought my focus towards the cannabis industry. I opened Tax Gear with a direct focus on such unique businesses, while establishing trust and loyalty with Tax Gear's customers. With ever-changing rules and regulations in the cannabis industry, the team has found puzzles that most business owners tend to overlook. I designed a business model which fills that hole, and educates our clients on strategizing for the future, recognizing those missing puzzles, and applying this knowledge in their future endeavors.

At Tax Gear LLC, we consult numerous commercial cannabis businesses to ensure they are compliant pursuant to local and State requirements. We also assist local governments in understanding the surrounding market and industry's needs, in order to grow with those businesses as a community. Our team is highly knowledgeable in licensing and establishing a successful beneficial to the community cannabis businesses that is also compliant with all of the taxing and OSHA agencies, labor laws, and other legal requirements.
​If you are considering becoming a part of the industry, and joining us in this historic journey, we will help you accomplish your dreams! ​ Contact me or any of my team members to get started; we look forward to being a part of your journey.
Nuriya Safarova, CEO